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$20 for 2020

Please give $20 to get paper-backed voting for the 2020 presidential election

Litigation is expensive, but sometimes it is necessary such as when public officials don't want to comply with the law and are denying the citizenry of its rights as guaranteed by the Pennsylvania Constitution and Pennsylvania Election Code.   Both provide for the right of the electorate to "approve and direct the use of voting machines."   Since August, the Allegheny County administration has stifled a citizen effort to have an expert Commission review and assess the needs of the County for a safe and secure voting system which utilizes a human readable, voter verified, paper ballot or record for audit and recount purposes.

The initial filing, briefs, and court hearing in the Allegheny County Court of Common Pleas has a remaining balance due of over $5000 which we are seeking to raise through our "$20 for 2020" fundraising campaign.   If you think it is important to replace the currently obsolete, insecure voting system in use in Allegheny County with a system that uses a more secure paper ballot or record as recommended by virtually all cybersecurity experts, then we hope you will consider making a donation now to help defray these unavoidable costs.   We must also raise money to cover expected appeals costs which are likely to run $30,000 or more.   This is not litigation that will be dragged out for years, so we must raise this money quickly.

Beyond the litigation costs, we are collecting 5000 signatures to place a referendum on the Spring Ballot.   The best petitioners expect to be compensated, for which we are seeking to raise an additional $15,000 to cover their costs.   Please help by making a small (or large) donation today.   As a grassroots, bottom-up effort, it relies upon the goodwill of people like you.

Thank you.